Ripkitty Premium Breathe Clear Soap

Ripkitty Premium Breathe Clear Soap

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Ripkitty Premium Breathe Clear Soap: A Revitalizing Cleanse

Unleash a wave of freshness with Ripkitty's Premium Breathe Clear Soap, meticulously crafted to enrich your bathing routine with a blend of nature's finest ingredients.

Nourishing Hydration: Our soap is infused with a rich medley of saponified oils including olive, coconut, and shea butter, ensuring your skin is enveloped in lasting moisture.

Aromatic Bliss: Each bar is a sanctuary of scent, featuring a harmonious mix of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and thyme essential oils for a serene aromatherapy experience.

Energizing Essence: The invigorating aroma, with hints of Camphor, awakens your senses, offering a rejuvenating start or end to your day.

Pure Ingredients:

  • Olive Oil: A gentle moisturizer for soft, supple skin.
  • Organic Palm Oil: A sustainable, fair-trade ingredient that ensures a creamy lather.
  • Organic Coconut Oil: Provides deep cleansing while maintaining skin's natural balance.
  • Organic Shea Butter: Renowned for its conditioning properties.

Proudly Made in the USA: Crafted with care, our 4 oz soap bar is the epitome of bathing luxury.

Conscious Packaging:

  • Net Weight: 4 oz (113g)
  • Gross Weight: 4.3 oz (120g)

Suggested Ritual: Lather with warmth and let the rich foam cleanse your skin. Store in a dry place between uses for longevity.

Mindful Usage: Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use.

Revitalize your daily cleanse with Ripkitty Premium Breathe Clear Soap. More than just cleansing, it's an enlivening journey for your skin and senses, crafted for the conscious consumer seeking the zenith of shower time serenity.

Gluten-free Vegetarian Lactose-free Allergen-free Hormone-free All natural Antibiotic-free No fillers Corn-free Vegan friendly Sugar-free Alcohol Free Cruelty Free Fragrance Free Mineral Oil Free Paraben Free Phthalate Free Silicone Free Sulfate Free